Litigation, Bankruptcy and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our legal team is well experienced in litigation cases. Although an agreement is always better than a legal action, unfortunately our appreciation is that debtors in Bulgaria are reluctant to perform their duties, unless threatened with legal enforcement of their debts. The scope of our services includes the advice and assistance you may need with regard to:

  • Representation in litigation proceedings before all instances of the Bulgarian Courts as well as in arbitrations before the Arbitration institutes
  • Evaluation of possible legal risks from potential litigations related to specific legal disputes
  • Assistance in achieving out-of-court settlement of legal disputes
  • Legal representation and support in the course of debt collection
  • Analysis of established legal practices in view of a timely and clear definition of the relations of our clients with their business partners in order to avoid the risks of an
    unfavourable development of potential conflicts and litigations
  • Security measures against the assets of the debtor
  • Representation in compulsory execution cases
  • Initiation of and representation in insolvency proceedings either against local debtors or when seeking protection from the creditors
  • Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution

We are proud that partners at our Law Firm are among the founders of Bulgarian Professional Mediators Association and are regularly taking part in the education of the new mediators.