Maria Dimitrova

maria-dimitrovaMaria Dimitrova has Master degree in Organic Chemical Technologies and Master Degree in Law.

Maria worked several years with the Department of Biotechnology for collecting data in analysis of tumor tissues with Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and has been awarded as Young Scientists on a plenary session in 2009 for her researches on the topic.

Her main carrier path is working for several multinational pharmaceutical companies through their representative offices in Bulgaria in the scope of clinical trials, regulatory affairs, business development, market access and public affairs (18 years).
Her latest engagement before joining the team of NKN Law office was as Market Access & Public Affairs Head in Novartis. She was focused on dealing with access to innovation for Bulgarian patients, healthcare stakeholders’ engagement, pricing processes, negotiations with payers and all relevant regulatory procedures in the pharmaceutical field.
Maria has been an active contributor to the policy shaping initiatives of local Trade Association.

She has organized the first public lecture on joint interpretative decisions of the practice of Supreme Administrative Court and Supreme Court of Cassation, presented by the Chair of the Supreme Court of Cassation in front of the students at Law Faculty in Russe in 2015.
She has been an active contributor in organizing round tables on patient rights in the Bulgarian Parliament under the media partnership of Trud Newspaper (2014 , 2015).
2017 publication: How far goes the freedom of parallel trade with pharmaceutical products, G. Kalinov, M. Dimitrova, Capital Newspaper, May 2017.
2018: Publication on Compassionate use programs, Capital Newspaper, May 2018. Several other publications are forthcoming.
2019: Lectures on pharmaceuticals and clinical trials legislation, Lawyers Training Center.
2019: Approaches to ensure access to medicinal products in the conditions of failure or exhaustion of possibilities for use of authorized medicinal products, Practical Pediatrics Magazine. She has her strong expertise and interest in pharmaceutical regulations, medical law, ethics and compliance, competition and administrative proceedings.

E-mail: dimitrova@nknlaw.com